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Technical Advice

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook is a crowdsourced library of tools, services and resources relating to COVID-19 response. It is a rapidly evolving resource with thousands of expert contributors.

Obit Procedure

We are compiling resources here on obit procedures.

Free 200MB Data

Fancy some free data? Order a Data Reward SIM from 3 Mobile and enjoy 200MB of free data every month. Just what you need to stay online when there's no Wi-Fi.

Proper Microphone Hygiene

Much of the time, microphones are used in situations where germs can spread with ease. This can especially be the case in theatre and broadcast situations with many different users using mics held or placed close to the mouth. In all situations, cleaning your mics regularly is a good idea for everyone.

Safety and Security While Video Conferencing with Zoom

We have complied some advice on how to use the Zooom video conferencing platform more safely here.

Remote Access

Currently UltraViewer is completely free, whether you are a business or personal, you can use it without worrying about paying any fee.

Safer Studio

Rob Watson has developed a list of tips for creating a safer studio.

Introduction to Broadcast Engineering

Radio TechCon is the UK Radio and audio industry's technical and engineering event. But what if you are new to broadcast engineering and want an overview of the basics? This page is the place to start, with the virtual 'Radio Technology Masterclass - an introduction to broadcast engineering'.

Remote Broadcasting Resources from Radio TechCon

Technical Help from Radio TechCon

The team from Radio TechCon is offering technical help to community radio stations.

We will endeavour to keep these pages updated as and when guidance and information changes.

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