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Technical Help for Community Radio Stations

The Radio TechCon team is offering the following help for community radio stations below:

Radio is like a family, so the Radio TechCon team would like to offer our support to the wider audio and engineering community at this time.

We have already written to the Community Media Association and Hospital Broadcasting Association, to offer our committee members’ services to stations who are in need of support to set up remote recording in order to stay on air.

Radio TechCon’s Stephen Clarke has written a blog summarising different options for stations to stay on air - especially useful for smaller stations who might not have a technical team of their own.

Extra pairs of hands

We are also aware that stations may need help with extra staff, and freelancers might need extra work during these times.

If you are freelance, please complete this form to register your availability and skills.

If you are a station who needs extra resources, please check this list of people and contact them directly.

Please share this resource with others!

Need extra help?

Feel free to post a question to theRadio TechCon Facebook page so that other engineers can help you if you are stuck. Job offers are also welcome there!

You may also find the UK TV/Radio Broadcast Engineers’ group on Facebook a useful resource for advice and support (not run by Radio TechCon but full of friendly folks).

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