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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Public Service Announcements on Community Radio

We will endeavour to keep this page updated when we hear news of new public service anouncements from Public Health England.

Creative Commons Licensed Music

A list of Creative Commons licensed music repositories is available here.


If you represent an Ofcom-licensed community radio station then please contact the Broadcast Licensing Team at Ofcom in the event of any possible change to your station’s ability to meet its Key Commitments.

Further information from Ofcom here.

Ofcom Temporary COVID-19 Short-term RSL

Ofcom has developed a new temporary licence product in light of the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic for those wanting to provide a radio service designed specifically to share information, news and updates about the Covid-19 pandemic with their community. More here.

PPL & PRS Joint Community Radio Licence

For any issues concerning the payment of fees for the PRS & PPL Joint Licence for Community Radio, PPL advises that at present is that stations who are experiencing issues should still contact PPL at where they will review each query on a case-by-case basis.

PPL can assure you that they will deal with all queries sensitively given the challenging circumstances in which we all find ourselves. Given the pace at which the situation is progressing, PPL will of course update us if their advice changes.

General Resources

The best way to keep abreast of the latest news can be found at:

In addition, more information on specific areas can be found here:

We will endeavour to keep these pages updated as and when guidance and information changes.

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